We are very experienced in producing crushed mirror and crushed glass, the quality is very good. The mirror and glass granule is almost in round shape, it's not sharp. And it's very clean.We have been striving hard to provide our customers with best quality, reasonable prices and outstanding services at all times. We also manufacture and export as per your specification and requirement.

Demension: 0-0.25mm, 0.25-0.5mm, 0.5-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-3mm, 3-5mm, or as customer' require size.

Material : Recycled glass, mirror glass, new making glass.
Finished: crushed;
Packing: Bulk woven bag or 50kg woven bag

Usage: Sand blasting, water filtration, terrazzo, artificial stone, etc

Crystal White Glass Sand 3~5mm

Crystal White Glass Sand 2~3mm

Crystal White Glass Sand 1~2mm

Crystal White Glass Sand 0.5~1mm

Gemstone Green Glass Sand 3~5mm

Gemstone Green Glass Sand 2~3mm

Gemstone Green Glass Sand 1~2mm

Gemstone Green Glass Sand 0.5~1mm

Gemstone Blue Glass Sand 3~5mm

Gemstone Blue Glass Sand 2~3mm

Gemstone Blue Glass Sand 1~2mm

Gemstone Blue Glass Sand 0.5~1mm

Mirror Glass Sand 3~5mm

Mirror Glass Sand 2~3mm

Mirror Glass Sand 1~2mm

Mirror Glass Sand 0.5~1mm

Tawny Glass Sand 3~5mm

Tawny Glass Sand 2~3mm

Tawny Glass Sand 1~2mm

Tawny Glass Sand 0.5~1mm

White Opaque Glass Sand 3~5mm

White Opaque Glass Sand 2~3mm

White Opaque Glass Sand 1~2mm

White Opaque Glass Sand 0.5~1mm